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The procurement function provides organisations of every kind a strategic means of sourcing quality products and outstanding suppliers. Not only that, it also plays a pivotal role in helping them stretch the Rand, so they get the most value from their suppliers. As the world slowly begins to emerge from the global pandemic, the function of procurement will play a determining factor in how well organisations will come out from it. So why does, procurement remain a low priority when determining annual school budgets and why are South African schools late to the procurement game? 

Procurement Is A Smaller Line Item

Third-party supplier fees are perceived as an insignificant percentage of a school’s operational expenditure and is oftentimes ignored as a contributor to a school’s financial struggles. Besides what could be done about it anyway, as individual purchasing volumes are too low to secure a good deal? As a result, the procurement function has amalgamated into the job description of already thinly stretched school employees who perceived it as an administrative burden rather than a strategic toolbox. However, procurement is not about Bulk Buying. Procurement is Smart Buying! 

Procurement Isn’t In The Budget

Enlightened schools that see the area of opportunity in tendering may give self-procurement a try. However, many schools that give it a go feel overwhelmed by where to begin and lacking in the confidence to negotiate. And despite their good intentions, 9 out of 10 times schools award the supplier they contracted with last year. The reality is that professional procurement expertise and procurement technology are vital if schools are going to take advantage of its benefits. However, they simply aren’t in the budget.

But schools can now access both without spending a cent!

Access Free Procurement For Your School!

SchoolAdvisor specialises in the unique needs of schools. We are industry professionals who have the tools, technology, and database of the suppliers required to elevate the way you buy—and save your school money. We have created a streamlined process that minimises your time obligation while introducing you to suppliers who wouldn’t be on your radar otherwise. We simplify the bid process by: 

  • Determining your unique criteria
  • Sourcing qualified suppliers
  • Verifying supplier quality and capability
  • Delivering a comparable supplier scorecard
  • Negotiating with suppliers on your behalf
  • Saving the average school 20% per supplier

The final decision is up to you and our services are 100% free to schools! 

Ready To Learn More?

School budgets have never been tighter, so it’s worth prioritising procurement. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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