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unlock a world of possibilities with school tenders
unlock a world of possibilities with school tenders
unlock a world of possibilities with school tenders

for schools

what is it we actually do...

we’re here to help you through every step of the supplier selection process. from designing tender documents to analysing supplier responses and preparing easy-to-understand comparisons of supplier bids. our goal is to help you in finding the best supplier that caters to your school’s unique needs – stress-free.

and impact we make?

based on the most recent completed tender

R1,8 million

in cost reduction

20 days

saved per tender

you are always in control
when working with us

you are always in control when working with us

1. submit

submit your tender request

2. define

we get in touch
you tell us your tender requirements

3. design

we design your tender package
you approve it

4. launch

launch your tender

5. evaluate

we analyse
you evaluate & give us your shortlist

6. award

you appoint the supplier
we handle the contracting

this is how you benefit
by working with us

free up time

we take care of all the heavy lifting and facilitate the tender process from beginning to end, which frees up your time to focus on more important tasks

more choice

our eProcurement system allows you to invite as many suppliers as you like, which gives you a better sense of the market as a whole and in the end more choices


we drive a solid tender process using best in class negotiation tools to make sure you get the best deal


by involving us, we will ensure that your tender process is compliant and provide all necessary documentation to demonstrate that your tender process was fair and transparent


benefit from faster decision making, thanks to our accelerated tender process and start bringing more value to schools sooner

new opportunities

we invite a wide cross-section of suppliers to participate in our tenders, ensuring that you won't miss out on any opportunities to grow your business

easy to navigate material

we provide detailed requirements and intuitively designed tender documents to make the bidding process easy for you


we believe in the power of feedback. which is why we always provide you with the reasons why you may not have been shortlisted for an opportunity so that you improve for the next one

some of the recent schools
we’ve worked with

don’t just take our word for it!

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