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School Uniforms All Stitched Up – Part 3

In this latest installment, we’ll explore the benefits of running a school uniform tender. We’ll delve into how a facilitated school uniform tender can assist in improving the relationship with your school’s parents. This tender process focuses on tailoring your distribution method to better suit the needs of parents and the school.

Traditional distribution of school uniforms

Just as there are many varieties of school uniforms, there are also various ways in which parents can purchase them. SchoolAdvisor has assisted numerous schools in either retaining their current method of selling uniforms or completely overhauling their approach. Everyone knows the traditional school uniform supplier-run shop, where parents visit a store owned and operated by the supplier. Schools typically have no direct involvement in selling uniforms through this method, though some find it satisfactory, others seek alternatives. Luckily, facilitated school uniform tenders can either keep things traditional or assist schools in a new approach to their sales.

Online school uniform shops

The digital age is here and here to stay. Many schools are embracing the idea of online shops. Many schools want to try this new method of uniform sales but are unsure how to approach the space. SchoolAdvisor’s facilitated tenders are designed to suit your school’s uniform distribution approach.
Did you know many school uniform suppliers will assist and run a school’s online shop? A facilitated tender enables the supplier to grasp all aspects of the school’s uniform requirements. It includes selling school uniforms directly to parents. Picture each child’s uniform arriving at the school in a separate box. These boxes can be collected on a specific day or time, or spread throughout the year. Well, this is possible. Uniform suppliers are happy to assist schools; they just need to know exactly what your needs are. SchoolAdvisor has designed multiple tenders to do just that: fit the school uniform to both the school’s and the parent’s needs.

Introduce a pop-up shop

Many schools have a year-round uniform shop on-site. However, not all schools can provide this service due to space constraints. Still, they aim to offer parents the option of buying school uniforms at school. The solution is simple: follow current trends and host a pop-up shop. SchoolAdvisor recently completed a uniform tender implementing this solution. The school uniform supplier will host a pop-up shop on a termly basis. This allows parents to buy uniforms at the school. Pop-up shops enable students to try on uniforms and buy what they need on the spot. The decision to run the pop-up or let the supplier manage it is up to the school. A facilitated school uniform tender allows tailoring of your distribution avenue.

Tailoring your distribution methods

Whether your school opts for traditional off-site school uniform suppliers, operates its own uniform shop, ventures into digital platforms, or organizes pop-up shops, the possibilities abound. You have the flexibility to blend various distribution methods according to your school’s needs. As a school, you understand your students and parents well, catering to their preferences. Ensuring that purchasing school uniforms is straightforward and convenient for parents fosters satisfaction and strengthens parent-school relationships.

Call SchoolAdvisor today and we will facilitate a school uniform tender to tailor your distribution needs to perfectly fit your school.

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