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school uniforms all stitched up. Part 1

School uniforms all stitched up. Part 1

School uniforms are the pride of your school. Your school uniform represents your school everywhere your students go. They carry the pride, tradition, and history of your school with them. This is why a high-quality and affordable uniform is so very important to schools. Though we at SchoolAdvisor know that your uniform often brings endless headaches. From deterioration in quality to high prices and poor service delivery, these are a few issues we know schools are facing at the moment. All is not in tatters though as we have the answers to stitch up your uniform woes.

The next series of blogs will focus on how to solve your school’s uniform problems. Starting with a key issue the quality of uniforms.

Deterioration in school uniform quality

After helping multiple schools with their uniform needs we have discovered a key element in the deterioration of quality is that many schools have entrenched uniform suppliers. What does this mean, to put it simply schools do not change their uniform suppliers frequently enough. This leads to one uniform supplier supplying the schools for not just years but sometimes decades. Unfortunately, this can lead to not only poor quality but also low service delivery. This is because the supplier is too comfortable in the school and no longer focuses on the school’s needs or being competitive. 

How to improve the quality of your school uniform

The solution is a great deal simpler than you think. It is time to put your school’s uniform needs out into a wider marketplace. Running a facilitated school uniform tender is a key solution to improving the quality of your school uniform and is also the best way to find a new uniform supplier. A facilitated tender directs your current uniform supplier to improve their quality and prices and is also the best way to find a new uniform supplier. The simple solution put your uniform needs out to tender. It may seem like a daunting job but with SchoolAdvisor it is easy and efficient. We will tailor a uniform tender just for your school with a key focus on the quality of the product. We want to ensure your students wear your beautiful school uniform with pride and all who see it admire the excellent quality.  

Broaden your uniform supplier scope

School uniforms are a very niche market and we have discovered that schools are often unaware that there are many uniform suppliers to choose from. It is time to widen the search not to only look at the uniform suppliers who have always been there but look at new uniform suppliers manufacturing their own uniforms. Many corporate clothing manufacturers are breaking into the school market. These are companies that have years of experience dealing with orders on a massive scale. They are accustomed to delivering thousands of uniforms and they understand the importance of quality and service delivery. Schools are able to have their school uniforms tailored to their needs and manufactured and supplied by one company. This not only improves the quality and service delivery but also reduces the cost of the school uniforms.  

Tying up your school uniform

A new school uniform is within your school’s reach. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your school uniform, you now have the answers. It may be time for a change of uniform supplier or just to sew your current uniform supplier’s quality up a stitch or two.  Go out into the marketplace and take a look at all the uniform suppliers out there that can provide your school with a great new uniform.  

Call SchoolAdvisor today and we will introduce you to multiple uniform suppliers and help you find the best quality uniform out there for your school. 

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