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How Bryneven found the right supplier for their school uniform

Karina Jardim, a member of the Governing Body at Bryneven Primary School, Johannesburg, used SchoolAdvisor to find a school uniform supplier who offered the best price and quality for the school’s 600 students.  

One of the most significant benefits of the tender process was the cost saved. As the school saved 11% on school uniform procurement and an impressive R175,000 contribution to school fundraising. 

Equally remarkable was how much time was freed up for Bryneven Primary School. Time that would have otherwise been consumed by the complexities of selecting the right supplier.

Here’s Karina’s perspective on her experience with SchoolAdvisor:

What value did you achieve through the tender for your parents?

We were able to provide our parents with two established school uniform suppliers. Both these suppliers had more than 10 years’ experience in the industry providing quality and affordable school clothes for all.

How did the tender process provide you with transparency, accountability and control?

SchoolAdvisor enabled our school to run an unbiased process. We set the guiding principles and criteria that contributed towards a fair process for the school and the service providers

What has your experience been like working with the SchoolAdvisor team?

It was great working with the SchoolAdvisor team, they are true professionals that provided guidance & support throughout the process. I would recommend utilising their services for all tender processes to drive consistency.

Did the tender process make life easier for you and how?

SchoolAdvisor did all the heavy lifting in finding the right school uniform supplier and they supported and guided the tender process from start to finish. This allowed the school to spend time on reviewing and selecting the right service providers for our parents.

In conclusion, the partnership between Bryneven Primary School and SchoolAdvisor not only resulted in substantial cost savings but also exemplified the importance of a well-structured, transparent, and efficient procurement process.

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